You probably haven’t noticed but starting today the contents (but not the design, since I don’t own that) of this blog are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Why am I doing that? Because if what I write here is of benefit to anyone, I would like it to be shared and distributed so that as many people as possible may find some benefit. I’m also doing this as an example, hoping that others, whose work may be of more benefit than mine, will follow suit.

My friend Karen and me, discussed the state of copyright in the world of Dharma after I was surprised to find very little content that I could reuse for a new website I was creating at the time. Karen wrote about this at length on her blog and I wanted to continue the conversation here as well. As a geek who cares about the Dharma I feel that it is my responsibility to educate and support the Dharma community in our use of technology. Sometimes this support is in the form of helping a friend create a website, other times it’s by taking care of my sangha’s technological needs. This time, however, I’m letting people know that we can stay more true to our values and make the teachings available to more people by making it easier to share the content we create.